Letterman's Jacket, 1942:
Letterman's Jacket, 1942

Newsletter Committee hard at work!:
Newsletter Committee hard at work!

Newsletter Committee hard at work!:
Newsletter Committee hard at work!

The Gallitzin Area Alumni Association is open to graduates of Gallitzin, Greater Gallitzin, and Penn Cambria High Schools.

Several attempts have been made to organize a Gallitzin High School Alumni Association. Reports handed down through the years indicate that the late W. Howard Weston probably made the first attempt. Ralph Hall, a member of the present 50 year class, the Class of 1923, also made an attempt and at one time served as President.

In the summer of 1930, an initial meeting was held in the study hall of the old high school building on Craig Street but failed to materialize because of a lack of interest. Then, in 1951, a group of people met by chance in the DeSantes economy Store. Dr. Arthur Julian, was at that time a part-time employee while attending Saint Francis College. Others of the group were James Lupinetti, Rita (Gentile) Gibson, Paris DeSantes, Geraldine (Campbell) Buck. The formation of an active alumni organization was mentioned and the group decided to try it. Rita purchased the first membership and the organization was on its way. James Lupinetti was the first president.

The first homecoming was held in conjunction with the Cresson-Gallitzin High School Football game in 1951. As the years progressed it became a hometown event with more and more alumni and their friends returning home. It was found that the Sunday before Labor Day was the best day to schedule homecoming.

Over the years, the officers and executive board have changed but the original purpose of the organization is still intact - to improve the educational opportunities for our children and to help make the community a better place in which to live.

The Alumni has brought back home and honored such dignitaries as Miss Pauline Frederick, a native daughter, who is the NBC correspondent to the United Nations; The Hon. William Isaacson, a prominent New York attorney who rewrote the Labor Laws of New York State; Mr. J. P. Dolan, former teacher and Prothonotary of Cambria County for more than twenty years; Dr. Thomas Tutko, well-known sports psychologist, and many doctors, lawyers and teachers who have been exceptionally successful in their chosen field.

The Alumni has presented scholarships to 17 graduates; three Senatorial Scholarships to seniors.

The Alumni has purchased band instruments, trophies for athletes superior in sports; a public address system.

The Alumni has fielded a Little League Team for the past fifteen years, purchasing uniforms and memberships for the team; funded a Pee Wee Tournament and financed a Women's Bowling Team.

Communitywise, the association has contributed sums of money to: the Gallitzin Volunteer Fire Company towards the purchase of equipment: to the Public Library and to the Christmas Street Lighting fund and to all the churches.

Consistent scholarship donors have been Mr. and Mrs. John Olenik, who initiated the program, Mrs. Elizabeth Brent and many, many more.

THIS, then, is your Alumni. Let's keep it growing.

Board of Directors

  • PRESIDENT Paul Gargon
  • VICE PRESIDENT Paulette Johnston Schmelzlen
  • SECRETARY Nancy Pierwola Adams
  • TREASURER Jane Madonna Marcinko
  • DIRECTOR Donna Petyak Decoskey
  • DIRECTOR Eileen Fabbri
  • DIRECTOR Rose Skibo VanGuilder
  • DIRECTOR EMERITUS Dr. Arthur Julian

Board of Directors

Gallitzin Area Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Fund, Inc.

  • PRESIDENT Dr. Arthur Julian
  • VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Richard Sunseri
  • SECRETARY Paulette Johnston Schmelzlen
  • TREASURER Jane Madonna Marcinko
  • DIRECTOR Robert Decoskey
  • DIRECTOR Frederick Gibbons
  • DIRECTOR Linda Taddei


Donations, Donations, Donations

Just a note about our Alumni Fund and our Scholarship fund. Each year we give out several scholarships at our Homecoming event that have been funded by generous Alumni members and friends of the Alumni. But many of you might not be aware that some of the smaller scholarships are funded by the yearly donations to our Alumni fund or Scholarship fund when people send in their checks for dinner tickets, 50-50 tickets, registration, etc. These people so generously add a few dollars and sometimes a lot of dollars to that check and designate where they want their money to go - either Alumni Fund or Scholarship Fund. Sometimes when one of our beloved Aliumni pass away, people send us money in their memory. So this is just a note of appreciation to all of you who support the Gallitzin Area Alumni Association. These extra dollars add up and are extremely helpful to our organization. It is so gratifying for us to be able to help your children or your grandchildren in furthering their education. Education is the key to the future and we hope that our Alumni Association will be remembered as an important part of these students lives. Thanks Again

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Gallitzin Area Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1, Gallitzin, PA 16641
(814) 886-7578

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