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Gallitzin 'G' from Letterman Jacket

Class of 1962The Gallitzin Area Alumni Association is pleased to present our web site, www.gallitzinalumni.com! We hope you'll enjoy reminiscing and keeping in touch with old friends.

Dinner / Dance - Honoring the Class of 1962

Oriental Ballroom, Gallitzin, Pennsylvania - Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 5:00 pm

President’s Message

I was talking to an old alumni friend, and he was not aware that the 50 year class was always the honored guests of the "Alumni Association" at our annual "Homecoming" celebration. So, I want to make it clear to all GHS graduates, that on the fifty year anniversary of your graduation, you and a oerson of your choice, will be the honored guests of the Alumni Aassocation, and will be treated to both admission and dinner at no cost to you.

That said, I want to remind all of you, that we have only four more years to celebrate the 50 year class, since GHS closed in 1966. Two years ago, I had an article in our newsletter, reminding everyone that we had only six years left. How time flies! Now we are down to four years and I'm hoping that after 2016, we can still continue our annual "Homecoming" celebrations. Many of us just enjoy seeing old friends and classmates, reminiscing, and having a great time, Why not keep it going as long as we can?

Also, I realize that inflation has hit most of us, and it is going to cost a little more to attend our reunion. Well, we the "Alumni Association" are also fighting inflation. At one time, there were 42 business establishments in Gallitzin, that were contributing to our cause, but of that 42 there are only 7 remaining. We have not raised our prices for the Homecoming tickets in years, and we still continue to support the community with contributions to the Firehall, Library, Little League, and various others.

We are grateful to donations coming from other surrounding towns, and you, the Alumni, and especially the large donations given to our Scholarship fund. We were able to give out $16,400 in 2010 and $18,00 in 2011 for scholarships. However; the money given for scholarships can only be used for that purpose, so we depend on donations, ads in the booklet we have published for our "Homecoming" celebration, and of course the dinner/dance tickets, to pay for our Homecoming celebration.

In order to keep this going after 2016, we will need your support and attendance at our yearly dinner/dance.

As for now, we look forward to seeing you in September, this year and many more to come.

Paul L. Gargon (Class of 1953)

Can’t make it to the Homecoming?

Use a space in our program booklet for your special message to a friend or loved one. Don’t forget those special people in the 50 year class!

Full Page - $35.00; Half Page - $25.00; Quarter Page - $15.00. ($5.00 extra if photo is used.) The deadline for these ads is August 15, 2012. If you want to continue to receive our Alumni newsletter, help us by notifying us of any change in your name or address.

The Gallitzin Area Alumni Association has sponsored a Little League team for many years.:
The Gallitzin Area Alumni Association has sponsored a Little League team for many years.

Are you aware of a Gallitzin Area Alumni member who passed away within the last year?

Notify us so we can honor their names on our necrology report. Use our Contact Form; call (814) 886-7578; or write to Gallitzin Area Alumni Assoc., Inc., P.O. Box 1, Gallitzin, PA 16641.

Welcome to the “ALUMNI THEATRE”

Have you ever wondered what happened to those great graduate composites that hung in the corridor of our High School? Quite a few have found a new home in the museum/theater located in the Gallitzin Community Center. You can view these same portraits online!

While you are trying to locate your own picture or those of your classmates, you can view the newly released documentary “Once Upon a Mountain” video that tells the story of the role our tunnels played in early rail transportation. You may purchase a copy in the Gift Shoppe, VHS - $17.99 or DVD - $19.99. Also, there are several pictures depicting the History of our town and many great souvenir items to choose from, including items depicting the anniversaries of the tunnels- Gallitzin Tunnel, built in 1904, and the New Portage and Allegheny Tunnels, 1854. The museum is open 11 to 5 daily. For more information, call 814-886-8871 or log on to www.gallitzin.info.


Gallitzin Area Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1, Gallitzin, PA 16641
(814) 886-7578

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